Civil litigation results

About Us

Parker & Associates is a specialist civil litigation firm based in Wellington. We are focused on achieving the best results possible for our clients. The firm was established in early 2001 and since then we have gained a reputation as a leading litigation practice with an impressive track record of negotiated settlements and wins in Court.

We specialise in insurance litigation, construction and leaky building litigation, commercial and property based disputes, employment, defamation and rural issues. We are well known as experts in our specialist areas, particularly in the leaky building and insurance litigation fields.

Our experience and expertise spans a broad range of other civil disputes, in which we have achieved excellent results. We understand the dynamics of handling large and complex cases, which enable us to achieve resolution for our clients.

In 2010 we were a finalist in the SLS Litigation and Dispute Resolution section of the New Zealand Law Awards.

Our clients range from some of New Zealand's largest insurers through to small and medium sized businesses and individuals. A lot of our work is referred to us by other lawyers, clients and technical experts.

We are proud of the feedback received from our clients, which regularly compliments us on our professionalism, service, clear advice and empathy when dealing with complex and difficult cases.

We are committed to providing advice of the highest quality with clear recommendations to enable our clients to achieve the best outcomes. Communication is at the core of everything we do. We listen carefully to our clients and work with them to develop a strategy which will achieve their objectives and be cost effective.

We are thorough, well prepared and accurate. A particular strength is our ability to master cases involving complex technical detail.

We are skilled negotiators and problem solvers. We work as a team to get a thorough understanding of the technical and complex issues to find practical solutions. As a result, many of our cases are able to be successfully resolved before hearings through private negotiations and mediation.

We are experienced advocates and have a very good track record of wins in Court. Some of our highlights include:

  • Body Corporate 90247 v Manifrini Limited (2014) NZHC 295 - Wellington City Council High Court judgment for damages of $1.9 million (plus costs) against the Council for negligent inspection and grant of code compliance in respect of a four unit townhouse development. View PDF
  • Brandlines v Central Forklift Group Limited (2013) - Successful defence of a $10 million negligence claim against our client, a forklift company, which was being blamed for a large warehouse fire. In the course of a lengthy defended High Court hearing the plaintiffs discontinued their claims against our client.
  • Heslop v Cousins (2007) 3 NZLR 679 - A leading authority on solicitors' negligence and breach of fiduciary duty, in which we obtained for our clients damages and costs totalling over $2.2 million, including one of New Zealand's largest awards of general damages. View PDF
  • McIlroy v Shirley - A defended defamation claim against a former Member of Parliament. One plaintiff discontinued during the hearing and was ordered to pay costs.