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Working with us

After first contact, we will arrange an initial meeting and review available material. At the initial meeting we generally identify the key issues, outline our preliminary views, if possible, explain the further investigations and work required, discuss the process options (for example Court or tribunal), consider important timing and limitation issues and outline our recommended pathway forward. We can cover a lot of ground in this initial one to two hour meeting.

From there we will usually be asked to undertake further investigations, engage other experts or consultants so as to be in a position to more thoroughly advise on the strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with the case and provide our advice on the options and recommended strategy for resolution.

Generally, we report in writing but like to discuss our advice in person or by telephone as well. Our written advice and reporting is clear and concise focusing on required information to enable appropriate decisions to be made and successful outcomes achieved.

Once a strategy is decided we will usually outline the anticipated next steps with indicative estimated costs.

Our size and structure enables us to be flexible in the way we price our work. We ensure that costs are considered at the outset and regularly reviewed throughout.

Our billing and reporting practices are detailed and transparent. We track our actual costs against estimates. For every invoice on every job we check carefully that the amount invoiced reflects a fair fee for the work done in line with the agreed costing arrangements for each file.

Details of our standard terms and conditions are available on our website, and upon request we can provide details of relevant author hourly rates.

We communicate in plain English.

We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

We will recommend where we think input from other legal or technical experts is required.

The firm is fortunate to have the support and guidance of several other very senior practitioners, including a former senior Judge, various senior counsel and a broad network of very capable experts and advisors across a range of fields.

Dan Parker is the partner in charge of the delivery of our services and is assisted by other senior staff. Our clients can have confidence that they are in good hands with experienced advisors who will guide them to successful resolutions.