We regularly act for farmers and agribusiness-related clients, generally referred to us by practitioners in rural areas. We understand the practical and business issues faced by those practitioners and their clients.

Wondering how to resolve a rural dispute, preferably without going to court? Farming and agribusiness disputes come in all shapes and sizes, from contractual mix-ups and insurance claims to lease disputes and estate litigation. For all kinds of farming and rural law disagreements, the lawyers at Parker & Associates understand the lie of the land and the various pathways that can lead to a happy resolution. Our experience extends to:

  • Disputes related to the sale of rural property and livestock
  • Exporting disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Insolvency and commercial securities disputes
  • Trust and estate litigation
  • Insurance claims and litigation
  • Debt recovery
  • Contractual disputes
  • Lease disputes and arbitrations

Our team includes rural dispute resolution specialists

Our expert litigators regularly act for farmers and agribusiness clients, who are often referred to us by a general practice rural law firm. We get this referral business because we understand the practical and business issues faced by agribusiness clients and have a strong track record with successful resolutions. However a referral isn’t necessary; if you run a rural business that’s facing a sticky problem, you can contact us directly.

Litigation can be draining, both financially and emotionally. Whenever possible, we aim to resolve your case out of court using negotiation, facilitation or mediation. But if it gets to the point where court proceedings are the only way forward, our litigation skills are unsurpassed.

Recent and Current Cases

  • We acted for two Rangitikei farmers in a claim against them for the rights to crops of potatoes grown on their land by a former tenant. The lease was terminated due to the default of the tenant, who went into liquidation. The liquidators of the tenant and the tenant's bank (claiming under the PPSA under a security interest) claimed they were entitled to the crops. The court held under the law of emblements that the tenant and its bank had no right to these types of crops, becausethe lease ended due to the default of the tenant. The crops in the ground reverted to the owners of the land.
  • We acted for the owners of a horse-stud. Early one morning a prized stallion - Victory Dance, leased by the stud - was kidnapped by people engaged by the owners, because theywanted the stallion back. We were engaged and under urgency obtained an ex-parte interim injunction.  We found the stallion and were able to prevent it from being air-freighted overseas.
  • We have dealt with several claims involving growers against exporters and overseas buyers, with good results.